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Exhaust valve - for MWM 12454246 Gas Engine

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Exhaust valve - for MWM 12454246 Gas Engine
for MWM TCG 2020 engines
Exhaust valve OEM
References: MWM 12454246 / 1245-4246 / 1245 4246
old number: MWM 12452424 / 1245-2424 / 1245 2424
  • 12454246

  • MWM

  • 12454246

  • MWM TCG 2020 engines

  • 0.26 kg

Product Description

The exhaust valves used in MWM gas engines, including models like the TCG 2020, are critical components responsible for managing the release of combustion gases from the engine cylinders. Here are more specific details about the exhaust valves for MWM gas engines:

Function and Characteristics:

  1. Material: Exhaust valves for MWM gas engines are typically made from high-strength materials such as stainless steel or nickel-based alloys. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and mechanical stresses encountered during engine operation.

  2. Design: The design of exhaust valves includes features such as valve heads, stems, and seating surfaces optimized for durability and efficient gas flow. Exhaust valves are engineered to provide reliable sealing to prevent gas leakage during operation.

  3. Operation: Exhaust valves operate in coordination with the engine's camshaft or valve actuation system. During the exhaust stroke of the engine cycle, the exhaust valves open to allow the combustion gases to exit the cylinder into the exhaust manifold and eventually to the exhaust system. Proper timing and sealing of the exhaust valves are crucial for efficient engine performance and emissions control.

  4. Sealing and Durability: Exhaust valves must maintain a tight seal when closed to ensure effective gas expulsion and to prevent exhaust gas recirculation, which can impact engine efficiency and emissions performance.

Maintenance and Replacement:

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of exhaust valves are essential to check for wear, deposits, and proper seating. Keeping valve seats clean and ensuring valves are in good condition contribute to optimal engine performance and longevity.

  • Replacement: Exhaust valves may need replacement over time due to wear, erosion, or heat damage. Replacement intervals should be followed as per the engine manufacturer's recommendations outlined in the maintenance schedule.

Quality and Compatibility:

  • When replacing exhaust valves for MWM gas engines like the TCG 2020 series, it's crucial to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or high-quality aftermarket valves that meet the engine manufacturer's specifications. This ensures compatibility, proper fitment, and reliable performance.


Exhaust valves are vital components in MWM gas engines, responsible for efficient and controlled expulsion of combustion gases. Proper maintenance, timely inspection, and using quality replacement parts are essential to ensure optimal engine performance, reliability, and longevity. For specific technical details, part numbers, or further assistance regarding exhaust valves for MWM gas engines such as the TCG 2020 series, referring to the engine's operation and maintenance manual or consulting with an authorized MWM service provider would provide precise information tailored to your engine's requirements.


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