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Pressure relief valve 12454767 for MWM TCG 2020

5 0 Reviews
Press.relief valve MWM 12454767 original
for various MWM engines
old number: 12302287; 1230-2287; 1230 2287;
1245-4767 ; 1245 4767 ; 12454767
  • 12454767

  • MWM

  • 12454767

  • MWM TCG 2020

  • 8.46 kg

Product Description
The MWM TCG 2020 is a popular series of gas engines used for power generation and other industrial applications. The pressure relief valve (PRV) in such engines is a critical component designed to protect the engine and associated equipment from excessive pressure that could lead to damage or failure.

Here are some key points about the pressure relief valve for the MWM TCG 2020:

  1. Function: The PRV ensures that if the pressure within the engine or its components exceeds a safe limit, the valve opens to release the excess pressure. This prevents potentially catastrophic failures due to overpressure.

  2. Location: Typically, the PRV is installed at strategic points within the engine's cooling system, lubrication system, or the gas intake manifold where pressure fluctuations could occur.

  3. Design: PRVs are designed to open at a preset pressure threshold. This threshold is determined based on the engine manufacturer's specifications and the operational requirements of the engine.

  4. Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the PRV are crucial to ensure its proper function. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring the valve opens and closes correctly, and replacing it if it shows signs of wear or damage.

  5. Compatibility: When replacing or selecting a PRV for the MWM TCG 2020 engine, it's important to ensure compatibility with the specific model and configuration of the engine to maintain optimal performance and safety.

  6. Safety Standards: PRVs must meet relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure they provide reliable protection against overpressure situations.

If you need specific details or technical specifications about the pressure relief valve for the MWM TCG 2020, consulting the engine's operation and maintenance manual or contacting a qualified service provider for MWM engines would be advisable. They can provide precise information tailored to your engine's model and application requirements.


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