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Introduction to Weyeah connecting rod bearings

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Weyeah Power connecting rod bearings are known for their high quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They are made of high-end materials and manufactured using the latest technology. They are produced by internationally renowned OEM manufacturers and feature advanced international quality control and testing technology. They are suitable for high-silicon gas engines and have comparable material, technology, and production processes to MIBA.

On connecting rod bearings, splash bearings are usually installed as upper bearings, while on main bearings, they are usually installed as lower bearings. "Splash" is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process that can coat aluminum-tin plating onto the bearing surface.

Sputtering diagram

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Sputtering technology

  • Technical characteristics: vacuum, ion collision, material migration, reaction.

  • Sputtering layer characteristics: uniform sputtering layer thickness, ultra-fine crystal grain metallographic structure, excellent fatigue strength and burst pressure value.

  • Applicable scope: suitable for high explosive pressure, high-end engines.

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Sputtering technology

  • Hanging spray curing equipment. Equipment performance. Obtain excellent bearing profile, wall thickness, and coating adhesion strength.

  • Barrel spray curing equipment. Equipment efficiency. Suspension sulfurization equipment is suitable for small batches, special-shaped, and new energy bearings; tube-type sulfurization equipment is used for bulk bearings and shaft sleeves.

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Technical requirements

  • The finished product surface is coated with rust preventive oil;

  • The alloy layer and the steel back should be firmly bonded, and the alloy layer surface should not have defects such as foreign objects, shrinkage, cracks, etc.;

  • The sputtering layer should be uniform, and there should be no impurities and other particle foreign objects;

  • The inner circular surface and the docking surface of the axial tile should be smooth and flat, and scratches, collisions, and pressure marks are not allowed. The inner circular surface is allowed to have contact measurement traces with the platform;

  • The fit degree of the tile outer side is inspected by coloring under load, and the range of 90° at the central bottom should not be less than 90%, and the rest should not be less than 85%. The non-fit area should be dispersed, and the maximum non-fit area should not exceed 10%;

  • Marking content;

  • Remove sharp edges and burrs;

  • The rest is executed according to GB/T 1151-2012 "Technical Conditions for Internal Combustion Engine Main Connecting Rod Bearings".

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Weyeah Power focuses on providing high-tech, innovative products and technical support for gas engines and generator sets.

We are always committed to doing better and bigger. Weyeah has a team of experienced gas engine maintenance and service personnel, dedicated to providing high-quality gas engine spare parts, OEM spare parts, and efficient services for Jenbacher, MWM, Caterpillar, Waukesha, MTU, and other brands. Weyeah Power provides various types of spare parts, including turbo air coolers, turbochargers, starter motors, cylinder heads, filter elements, bellows, compensators, bolts, spark plugs, ignition coils, valves, valve seats, push rods, piston assemblies, cylinder liners, connecting rod bearings, bolts, gaskets, O-rings, etc.

If you want to learn more about Weyeah Power products, you can find us through our official website and social media. The Weyeah Power team will provide you with professional procurement solutions.

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