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Jenbacher gas generator insulation jackets

Views: 0     Author: Wuhan Weyeah Power Machinery Co., Ltd.     Publish Time: 2022-01-19      Origin: Wuhan Weyeah Power Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Whether your engine runs on diesel, heavy oil, landfill gas, coalbed methane, wood gas, biogas or natural gas, we can provide the right insulation for your equipment.

We supply insulation wool for manifolds, turbo pipe manifolds, turbochargers, mufflers, bellows and compensators.

All of our insulation wool is custom designed using a premium material (fiberglass) carefully selected to provide superior heat and noise control.

Temperatures up to 1000ºC.

The benefits of our engine insulation solutions include:

- protect workers from burns from hot exhaust pipes;

- Provides heat containment to maximize the burning of pollutants.

- reducing the temperature of the contact surfaces below the ignition point of fluids, oils, etc.;

- No asbestos, harmless to human body;

- Offers low installation and tooling costs;

- Removable and reusable;

- does not require highly skilled technicians for installation/removal;

- Modular design makes it easy to replace damaged parts

- with noise control capability;

- Anti-vibration.

Now we can provide complete solutions for Jenbacher 320, 420, 620; Caterpillar G3512, G3516, G3520C; MWM TCG2016, TCG2020, TCG2032, as well as Weichai, Daihatsu and other models

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