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Wuhan Weyeah Power Machinery Co. Ltd was found in 2013, located in Yiwu and we moved to Wuhan since November 2019. We offer services for power plants all over the world, including supply generator auxiliary equipment, like cooling system, exhaust system, intake system, container body etc., 


Why people choose us

Weyeah team can bring a better experience and meet the individual needs of users with our enthusiastic, professional and reliable service quality.
   We are committed to providing our professional technology and best customer service
   Provide users with professional and constructive products and solutions
   In order to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of users we can provide users with our valuable and reliable products and services
   Provide one-stop engine overhaul, intermediate repair and top repair spare parts
   Our aim is that innovation drives the market, and the market breeds innovation
   Large stock and fast delivery
   To provide users with more worry-free purchasing experience, we have a complete after-sales service system and diversified market guarantee capabilities
   Online and offline technical guarantees allow the effective combination of high-quality products and best services


Since the year of 2021, in order to meet different needs, we can provide you with customized services according to your requirements and all of our products with standardization (uniform packaging, logos, imprints, etc.)

Customer praise


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Latest news

On March 20, 2024, a team led by the Chief Technology Officer of Weyeah Power visited the large-scale landfill site in Yangluo, Wuhan for a project investigation.

On March 20, 2024, a delegation from Weyeah Power, led by the company's Technical Director, visited a large landfill site located in the Yangluo District of Wuhan. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the generator unit project at the landfill site.

2023 Weyeah Power held an important annual mid-year meeting at the Shizhou International Hotel in Enshi

The meeting was hosted by the company's senior leaders and actively attended by all employees. In the mid-year meeting, the company's senior leaders will summarise the past year's performance and analyse the achievements and shortcomings.

Enshi: The Perfect Destination for Weyeah Team Building journey

In Mid-July 2023, Weyeah Power all staff traveled in Enshi for a mid-year team building.Enshi is a beautiful mountainous region in Hubei Province, China. Stunning natural scenery: The Enshi Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

Weyeah Power celebrates a warm Christmas, sharing the joy of the season!

Weyeah Power, December 25, 2023 - in this season full of merriment and warmth, Weyeah Power is pleased to announce that we will be celebrating Christmas in a special way, bringing unforgettable joy to our employees and partners.

Introduction to Weyeah connecting rod bearings

Weyeah Power connecting rod bearings are known for their high quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They are made of high-end materials and manufactured using the latest technology. They are produced by internationally renowned OEM manufacturers and feature advanced international quality control and testing technology. They are suitable for high-silicon gas engines and have comparable material, technology, and production processes to MIBA.

UPF filters for MWM gas engines

UPF Filters for MWM&CAT Gas EnginesWeyeah oil mist separators and filters for crankcase ventilation on gas engines.Our UPF filters for use in gas engines are available for the following MWM&CAT types: TCG2016, TCG2020V12, TCG2020V16-V20, TCG2032V12, TCG2032V16, CG132, CG170-12, CG170-16-20. CG260-12

How to choose a CAT/MWM Gas Spare Parts Supplier?

If you don't want the complicated market environment to be a source of trouble for your consumption decisions, you should carefully consider the following selection of long-term cooperation with an honest spare parts supplier.

What is the charm of Caterpillar 3500 Series Parts?

High-quality gas products are inseparable from the cooperation of high-quality components. For consumers to find more suitable products, the first step is to let consumers understand how various parts are processed and used.

Global network

We provide services to our customers in more than 60 countries/region around the world and provide you with our best services is our purpose.

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