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MWM 12323777 transmitter for TCG2016 TCG2020 gas engine

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Transmitter 12323777 for MWM gas engine
MWM part number: 12323777; 1232-3777; 1232 3777; MWM12323777
12404223; 1240-4223; 1240 4223; MWM12404223
Suitable engine model:TCG2016 gas engine, TCG2020 gas engine.
Price: $ 135.7
  • WY12323777

  • Weyeah

  • 12323777;

  • TCG2020,TCG2016

  • 0.14

Product Description

For transmitting data from TCG2016 or TCG2020 gas engines, you'll likely need a compatible telemetry or monitoring system. These systems typically include various sensors to measure parameters such as engine speed, temperature, pressure, and more. The data collected by these sensors is then transmitted to a central monitoring station for analysis and control.

Several companies offer telemetry systems tailored specifically for gas engines like the TCG2016 and TCG2020. These systems may include proprietary components designed to integrate seamlessly with MWM engines. Some popular telemetry system providers in the industrial engine sector include:

  1. Woodward, Inc.: Woodward offers a range of monitoring and control systems for industrial engines, including those from MWM.

  2. DEIF: DEIF provides advanced control and monitoring solutions for various types of power generation systems, including gas engines.

  3. ComAp: ComAp specializes in intelligent electronic control products and solutions for power generation, including telemetry systems for gas engines.

  4. Caterpillar: Caterpillar offers a variety of monitoring and control solutions for its gas engines, and they may have options compatible with MWM engines.

When selecting a telemetry system, consider factors such as compatibility with your specific engine model, ease of installation, data accuracy, reliability, and the ability to integrate with your existing monitoring infrastructure. It's also a good idea to consult with MWM or their authorized distributors for recommendations and compatibility assurance. They can provide valuable insights based on their experience with their engines in various applications.


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