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MWM 12304460 compensator for MWM TBG620 TCG2020 engines

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Compensator 12304460 for MWM  gas engine
MWM part number: 12304460; 1230-4460; 1230 4460; MWM12304460.
Suitable engine medel: TCG 2020V12K,TCG 2020V12,TCG 2020V16K,TCG 2020V16,TCG 2020V20, TBG620V8, TBG620V12, TBG620V16.
Price: $ 339.25
  • WY12304460

  • Weyeah

  • 12304460

  • TBG620;TCG2020;CG170

  • 4.46

Product Description

The compensator in MWM gas engines is a critical component within the fuel system, responsible for regulating and maintaining the correct fuel pressure under varying operating conditions. Here’s an overview of the compensator for MWM gas engines:

Function and Importance:

  1. Fuel Pressure Regulation: The compensator adjusts the fuel pressure to ensure the engine receives a consistent and appropriate amount of fuel according to its demand. This regulation is crucial for optimizing combustion efficiency and engine performance.

  2. Load Compensation: It compensates for changes in engine load and operating conditions by adjusting fuel pressure accordingly. This ensures stable engine operation and consistent power output.

  3. System Stability: By maintaining stable fuel pressure, the compensator helps prevent issues such as fuel starvation or over-fueling, which can adversely affect engine performance and emissions.

Characteristics and Specifications:

  • Design: Compensators can be designed as mechanical or electronic devices, depending on the engine model and application requirements. Electronic compensators offer precise control and monitoring capabilities, while mechanical compensators provide robust performance in harsh operating environments.

  • Components: A typical compensator includes sensors, valves, and control mechanisms that work together to regulate fuel pressure effectively. These components are designed for durability and reliability in demanding engine conditions.

  • Material and Durability: The materials used in the construction of compensator components are chosen for their resistance to fuel-related corrosion, wear, and high temperatures.

Maintenance and Service:

  • Regular Inspection: Routine inspection of the compensator is essential to ensure it operates correctly and maintains proper fuel pressure regulation. This includes checking for leaks, proper valve operation, and overall system integrity.

  • Service and Adjustment: If adjustments or repairs are needed, they should be performed according to the manufacturer's guidelines and specifications provided in the engine's maintenance manual.

Compatibility and Installation:

  • Compatibility: It's crucial to use compensators that are specifically designed and compatible with MWM gas engines to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


The compensator in MWM gas engines plays a crucial role in regulating fuel pressure to maintain engine efficiency and performance. Proper maintenance, regular inspection, and using genuine or recommended replacement parts are essential to ensure the compensator operates effectively and contributes to the longevity of the engine. For specific technical details, part numbers, or further assistance regarding the compensator for MWM gas engines, consulting the engine's operation and maintenance manual or contacting an authorized MWM service provider would provide precise information tailored to your engine's requirements.


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