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Oil Pan Gasket 352496 for Jenbacher Gas Engine

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Detailed Product Information
  • Seals mating surfaces of the intercooler
  • Creates a reliable, leak-proof seal between two components
  • Prevents dangerous leaks
  • Original Jenbacher part
  • Manufactured by Jenbacher
  • Manufactured in accordance with the original factory specifications
  • Oil Pan Gasket 352496 is suitable for Jenbacher 3 series gas engine,J312,J316&J320
Price: $ 4.81
  • WY352496

  • Weyeah

  • 352496

  • J312,J316&J320

  • 0.04 kg

Product Description

The oil pan gasket is an essential element of a Jenbacher gas engine, ensuring tightness between the oil pan and the engine block. Proper selection and installation of gaskets is important to prevent oil leaks and ensure reliable engine operation.

Basic steps to replace the oil pan gasket:

  1. Preparation of tools and materials:

    • New oil pan gasket, suitable for the specific Jenbacher engine model.

    • Sealant (if recommended by the manufacturer).

    • A set of tools (keys, screwdrivers, jack, etc.).

    • Cleaning agents for removing old gaskets and oil.

  2. Engine shutdown:

    • Stop the engine and let it cool down.

    • Disconnect the battery for safety reasons.

  3. Draining the oil:

    • Lift the machine with a jack and mount it on the racks.

    • Drain the engine oil by unscrewing the oil pan drain plug. Collect the oil in a suitable container for disposal.

  4. Removing the oil pan:

    • Unscrew the oil pan mounting bolts.

    • Carefully remove the pallet, you may need a light blow with a rubber hammer to separate the pallet from the engine block.

  5. Surface cleaning:

    • Remove any remaining old gaskets and sealants from the surface of the pan and engine block.

    • Clean the surfaces thoroughly to ensure that the new gasket adheres well.

  6. Installing a new gasket:

    • If required, apply a thin layer of sealant to one side of the new gasket.

    • Replace the gasket, making sure that it is properly aligned.

  7. Installing the oil pan:

    • Attach the tray with the new gasket to the engine block.

    • Screw in the mounting bolts by hand, then tighten them crosswise to evenly distribute the pressure. Use a torque wrench to maintain the recommended tightening torque.

  8. Refilling the oil:

    • Fill in the new oil, following the manufacturer's recommendations for the amount and type of oil.

    • Plug in the battery and start the engine to check for leaks.


  • Always use original or manufacturer-recommended spare parts and materials to replace the gasket.

  • Follow the instructions in the service manual for your specific Jenbacher engine.

  • If you have no experience in performing such work, it is better to contact professionals.


Proper replacement of the oil pan gasket on a Jenbacher engine will help avoid oil leaks and extend engine life. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use high-quality materials.

Description: Oil Pan Gasket

Part No: 352496/352-496/352 496

Suitable for: Jenbacher J312,J316&J320 gas engine


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