You are here: Home » News » A large multinational energy group's business delegation visited Wuhan Weyeah Power to seek future cooperation and development.

A large multinational energy group's business delegation visited Wuhan Weyeah Power to seek future cooperation and development.

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On November 13, 2023, Weyeah Power welcomed a business delegation from a large multinational energy group. They came with opportunities for cooperation and specifically to discuss cooperation matters with our company. This meeting is a milestone in the joint pursuit of development by both parties and an important step for our company in the international market.

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Weyeah Power has always maintained an open and inclusive attitude towards cooperation, driven by innovation, and continuously improving the quality of products and services. We were honored to receive a letter from international clients expressing their willingness to cooperate with our company.


The international business delegation is composed of senior leaders and technical experts from leading enterprises, and they have shown strong interest in our company's strengths in the field. The initial contact between the two parties has allowed the international clients to gain a deeper understanding of our company's strength and potential. Based on this foundation, both sides have decided to engage in further cooperation negotiations and explore more opportunities for collaboration.

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During the negotiations, both parties discussed multiple collaborative projects, including the development and design of gas engine components, research and development of gas engine replacement parts, and market expansion. In-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted on technical research and development, resource sharing, and marketing cooperation. Both parties unanimously believe that the collaboration will bring broader development prospects and more business opportunities for both sides.

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The successful holding of this meeting not only marks a new starting point for the cooperation between the two parties but also provides an opportunity for further deepening of the friendship. The arrival of international clients has brought new cooperation opportunities and challenges to our company, while also providing the international market with more high-quality product choices.


Our company sincerely thanks the international clients for their visit and promises to repay their trust and support with higher standards and better products and services. We believe that, through the joint efforts of both parties, cooperation will surely achieve beautiful results of mutual benefit and win-win outcomes.

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