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A Visit of The Technical Team From A European Transnational Energy Company for Technical Exchange And Project Inspection

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On December 19, 2023, Weyeah Power had the privilege of welcoming a senior technical team from a renowned European transnational energy company.


This significant technical exchange and project inspection aim to deepen collaboration and cover the company's technical research and development laboratories, production facilities, and the latest project implementation sites. Weyeah Power's professional team presented the Technology Director Team with the company's latest technological innovations and sustainable solutions in the field of gas generator sets and spare parts manufacturing.


In a compact and efficient technical exchange meeting, both parties shared their respective achievements and experiences in energy technology research and development. The Technology Directors expressed that Weyeah Power's forward-looking technologies in the field of replacement parts for gas turbine generator sets and OEM parts, as well as the company's commitment to environmental sustainability, left a profound impression on them. They highly appreciated Weyeah Power's contributions to driving technological innovation globally.


This visit signifies that Weyeah Power's international collaboration will promote deeper cooperation and communication. Both parties plan to deepen cooperation in technological innovation, project collaboration, gas engine spare parts market development, and contribute jointly to advancing the global energy industry.




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