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Ignition System 12320994 for MWM TCG2020 Gas Engine

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Description: Ignition system.
MWM part number: 1232 0994,1232-0994,12320994,
1232 4320,1232-4320,12324320.
Suitable engine model: TCG2020V20,CG170-20.
  • 12320994


  • 12320994

  • TCG2020

  • 7.155

  • 4-6weeks

Product Description

Ignition System for MWM TCG2020 Gas Engine

Manufacturer: MWM (Motoren Werke Mannheim AG)

Application: The ignition system is a crucial component in the MWM TCG2020 gas engine, responsible for initiating combustion in the cylinders by generating and delivering high-voltage electrical sparks to the spark plugs.

Components: The ignition system typically includes the following components:

  1. Ignition Control Unit: Manages the timing and distribution of electrical pulses to the spark plugs based on engine speed and load conditions.

  2. Spark Plugs: These components receive high-voltage electrical discharges from the ignition system and generate sparks to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders.

  3. Coil Packs or Ignition Coils: These components amplify the low-voltage electrical signal from the ignition control unit to a high-voltage level needed to produce sparks at the spark plugs.

  4. Wiring Harness: Transfers electrical signals between the ignition control unit, coil packs, and spark plugs.


  • High-Energy Ignition: Delivers reliable and consistent sparks for efficient combustion and optimal engine performance.

  • Timing Precision: Ensures precise timing of spark events to maximize power output and fuel efficiency.

  • Durability: Designed to withstand the harsh conditions and vibrations typically encountered in gas engine operation.

  • Compatibility: Engineered specifically for the MWM TCG2020 gas engine to ensure proper fitment and performance.


  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Efficient ignition timing enhances combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption.

  • Enhanced Engine Performance: Consistent ignition sparks promote smoother engine operation and increased power output.

  • Reliability: High-quality components ensure reliable operation and minimize downtime.

Availability: Available through authorized MWM dealers and distributors, ensuring genuine parts and reliable support.

Installation and Maintenance: Installation should be carried out according to manufacturer specifications to ensure proper functioning of the ignition system. Regular maintenance and inspection of ignition components are recommended to maintain optimal performance and reliability of the MWM TCG2020 gas engine.


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