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Gasket 100875 for Jenbacher Gas Engine

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Detailed Product Information
  • Seals mating surfaces
  • Prevents leakage around flanges, mating surfaces of components, or rotating shafts
  • Limits wear on other important components
  • Reduces critical torque values
  • Original Jenbacher part
  • Made by Jenbacher
  • Manufactured in accordance with the original factory specifications
  • Gasket 100875 is suitable for Jenbacher 3 series gas engine,J312,J316&J320
Price: $ 0.79
  • 100875

  • Weyeah

  • 100875

  • J312,J316&J320

  • 0.005 kg

Product Description
Product Description

Key features of the gasket :

  1. Material:

    • The gasket is made of high-quality sealing material that is resistant to high temperatures and aggressive environments, which guarantees its durability and reliability.

  2. Appointment:

    • Designed for use in Jenbacher gas engines, providing a reliable seal between joints.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Tightness:

    • The gasket provides a reliable seal, preventing leakage of gases and liquids, which is important for efficient and safe operation of the engine.

  2. Temperature resistance:

    • The materials used in the gasket are able to withstand high temperatures, which prevents their destruction and loss of tightness.

  3. Compatibility:

    • Gasket is designed specifically for Jenbacher engines, which guarantees full compatibility and compliance with the manufacturer's requirements.

Signs of the need to replace the gasket:

  • Leaks:

    • The appearance of gas or liquid leaks in the places where the gasket is installed indicates its wear or damage.

  • Visible damage:

    • Cracks, breaks, or other mechanical damage to the gasket.

  • Reduced tightness:

    • Loss of tightness, which can lead to a decrease in engine performance and increase the risk of accidents.

Reasons for refusal:

  • Natural wear and tear:

    • Over time, the gasket may wear out due to constant exposure to high temperatures and pressure.

  • Mechanical damage:

    • Damage may occur due to improper installation, operation, or external influences.

  • Corrosion:

    • Exposure to harsh chemicals and condensation can cause corrosion and damage to the gasket material.

Related components:

  • Flanges and connecting elements:

    • Gaskets are installed between the flanges and other connecting elements to ensure tightness.

  • Bolts and fasteners:

    • Reliable fasteners help maintain proper pressure and tightness of the joints.

Maintenance recommendations:

  • Regular check:

    • Periodically inspect the gaskets for wear, damage, and leaks to identify the need for replacement in a timely manner.

  • Correct installation:

    • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the installation and tightening torques of the fasteners to ensure a reliable seal.

  • Using original parts:

    • For replacement, use only original Jenbacher gaskets to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Description: Water pipe gasket

Part No: 100875/100-875/100 875

Suitable for: Jenbacher J312,J316&J320 gas engine

Marterial&Specification: AFM31


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